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1. Definitions

For the purposes of this agreement the following terms shall have the following meanings.

Contracting Party
“Contracting Party“ shall be anyone who is 18 or above, and having full legal capacity to contract, acquires Tickets and/or services offered by the Transportation Company.
“Passenger” is the person who bears a legally acquired ticket, either directly or through a legal contracting party, taking into account that minors and or persons not be able to do so may not acquire tickets and or buy or reserve through www.coratransfers.com, as a result of which the passenger declares in this act to be 18 years old or above and to have legal capacity to contract.
“Groups”, meaning more than ten people, may not acquire tickets through https://www.coratransfers.com , since Groups are directly handled at Cora Bros Ticket offices and special policies shall apply to them; however, Groups may request their reservation through https://www.coratransfers.com
“Ticket”, means the document or electronic confirmation also known as electronic Ticket or E-ticket which evidences the Passenger as the legitimate user of the contracted service with the Transportation Company of which this agreement in an integral part.
“Transportation” is equivalent to ground transportation and all the ground services related to such ground transportation.
Transportation Company
“Transportation Company” refers to all ground lines which carry or transport Passengers, their belongings and their baggage in accordance with this agreement or which provide any other incidental service to ground transportation.
Law of General Means of Communication
“Law of General Means of Communication” refers to the Law of General Means of Communication published in the Federal Official Gazette on February 19th, 1940 (updated in the Federal Official Gazette (Diario Oficial de la Federación) on October 25th, 2005)

Transportation in this agreement is subject to regulations and limitations.

2. Applicable Provisions

As long as there is no contradiction with the above, the Transportation and other services provided by the Transportation Company are subject to:

  1. The provisions contained in this agreement.
  2. The applicable fares and regulations in Cora Bros. With which there is an agreement and or are allowed in the fare regulations, or are either part of the route network commercialized by Cora Bros.
  3. The conditions for the Transportation Company`s Transportation and other applicable regulations which are an integral part of this agreement (and which are at the disposal of the requesting parties at the Transportation Company`s offices)
  4. The applicable legal provisions in each particular case

2.1 Rate, Liability and Public Inspection Regime

Transportation is subject to  the liability regime established by the Law of General Means of Communication and the Law of Civil Transportation as well as their respective regulations. The respective Fares and Application Rules are an integral part of this ticket and are electronically available for passenger consultation at the Transportation Company´s Offices, at travel agencies acting as their representatives as ant the page www.coratransfers.com

All effective fares for the Contracting Party of which the Transportation Company is part as well as all the publications regarding the fares that have been prepared but are not effective yet, are found electronically in the reservation system available to the public at the Transportation Company´s ticket offices and at he different ground ports where he Transportation Company operates. These fares may be checked by any person who may request it and without it being necessary to provide any reason to do it, as long as such person presents a purchase receipt. The Transportation Company´s fares are available to the public electronically through Cora Bros reservation system, at the Transportation Company´s Offices and t the travel agencies acting as its representatives.

3. About the Ticket

The name of the Transportation Company may be abbreviated in the Ticket, as long as the full name and the abbreviation are stated in the fares, in the Transportation conditions or in the applicable regulations or Transportation Company´s itineraries. The address of the Transportation Company shall be the departure ground port appearing in the ticket in front of the first abbreviation of the Transportation Company´s name. Stops agreed at the places indicates in the Ticket and in the reservation confirmation of each Contracting Party or those set forth in the Transportation Company´s schedules as stops provided in the Passenger´s itinerary. The Ticket and the reservation confirmation shall also contain the date.

Transportation services provided under this agreement by several companies, in a successive manner, shall be considered as a sole operation. When the Transportation Company issues a Ticket for Transportation in the routes of the other Transportation Company, it shall be considered that the first Transportation Company acts only as an agent of the second Transportation Company.

In this regard, the Transportation Company to which said ticket is issued shall be liable for the trip in the terms and under the conditions described in this agreement, notwithstanding the liability of the ground line acting as an agent regarding the passenger.

The fare for Transportation subject matter of this agreement may be modifies at any time and without prior notice. The Transportation Company may refuse to provide the service if the corresponding fare has not been paid.

The Ticket acquired through www.coratransfers.com shall be valid, subject to final collection of the amount supporting the purchase of this Ticket, in the terms and conditions described herein; it is up to the Contracting Party to print the transaction receipt to present at the ground port.

4. About the Luggage

All the luggage must be presented to the operator, Cora Bros sahll not be held responsible for any loss or damage before or after the Transfer Service.

4.1 Excess of Luggage

Upon making a reservation the client should let Cora Bros know how many pieces of luggage he/she is traveling with, the standard is one large suitcase and one medium suitcase or duffle bag per person.

5. Passenger Obligations

At all times good behavior is required by the Transportation Company in order to offer the service, failure to comply will result in the Transportation Company denying to provide the service, at all times the Transportation Company holds the right to refuse service for inadequate behavior included but not limited to intoxication for any kind of substance, medication abuse, drug related issues, etc.

5.1 Early Arrival to the Ground Port

Passengers are obliged to meet with the representative immediately upon arrival, to coordinate the hired Transportation service; failure to do so may cause the client to lose the scheduled transfer and shall wait until the representative assigns a new Transfer Service.

5.2 Tickets

All the Tickets are personal and non-transferable, a Passenger may not assign, transfer nor transmit partially or totally under any title the rights and obligations derived from this agreement, provided that any assignment against those provided in this agreement be null; in this sense, a Passenger may not assign their ticket or allow a name change for any reason. Similarly, the Transportation Company may demand identification of the passenger and annul the Ticket if another person intends to use it.

5.3 General Application Rules for Cora Bros and or Cora Bros Connect Fare

The Contracting Party is to pay for the Transportation Services acquired through reservation or purchase at www.coratransfers.com Transportation fares offered are subject to general conditions provided in its regulations such as: Limited Capacity, Pre-purchase Stops, Cancelling Charges.

In case Passengers wish to change their itinerary, they shall pay applicable penalties for the acquired fare, date or destination change, as long as the fare policy allows it. A Passenger shall be subject to the procedure established by the Transportation Company regarding involuntary changes and reimbursements.

The fares and their regulations are subject to supply and demand rules as a result of which they may change at any time.

The Reservation itself does not guarantee the application of the selected fare if the payment is performed after the deadline indicated to the Contracting Party or Passenger by the ground line at he time of performing the reservation as a result of which it shall adjust to the terms and conditions of the corresponding fare policy.

The Contracting Party may know the terms and conditions of the fare they re acquiring the purchase due to the fact that they vary.

Penalties and Payment of Fare Differential:

They may apply due to cancellation, reimbursement, changes, issuance or re-validation of the Ticket, based on the policy of the acquired fare; the user may know the terms and conditions of the fare they acquire during the purchase.

5.4 Charge

The Contracting Party is bound to accept the charge made to their credit card or in the manner established at the time of purchase through www.coratransfers.com provided that at the time they supply their credit card number, the services purchase request through www.coratransfers.com shall be processed and the corresponding charge shall be carried out, subject to the corresponding bank authorization.

The charge made to the following credit cards shall be accepted as payment forms:

  • VISA®

5.5 Dangerous Goods in Luggage

Many items commonly used at home or at the work place may result dangerous when they are carried on board of a vehicle. Said items may undergo alterations due to temperature and pressure variations during transport, as a result of which they are RESTRICTED. The passenger is bound not to carry any of the following items or similar to them:

  • Compressed gases such as but not limited to, butane, propane, oxygen, etc.
  • Pressurized cylinders including, but not limited to, spray paint, hair spray, lighter chargers, gas cylinders, oxygen tanks with a pressure higher that 20 psi, etc.
  • Corrosives such as but not limited to, acids, alkalies, mercury, battery additives, etc.
  • Explosives including but not limited to, fire arms, bullets, rockets, fireworks, detonators, flares, etc.
  • Flammable liquids or solids such as but not limited to, gasoline, matches, paint, solvents, etc.
  • Radioactive materials
  • Briefcases or boxes with alarm mechanisms installed
  • Other dangerous items with magnetic materials or irritating substances.
  • Oxidants such as but not limited to, bleaches or peroxides.
  • Poisonous and infectious substances such as but not limited to, insecticides, herbicides, viral cultures, etc.
  • Human blood, organs, tissues, as well as lab samples
  • Illegal or endangered animal species
  • And any other dangerous substance or item that may impose a risk or threat to the health and safety of people on board the vehicle.

Similarly, transportation of explosives, sharp pointed objects or goods, or other objects forbidden by the domestic or international regulations. Similarly, transportation of any kind of cargo that may disturb other passengers or that it is not appropriate.

Similarly, transportation of explosives, sharp pointed objects or goods, or other objects forbidden by the domestic or international regulations. Similarly, transportation of any kind of cargo that may disturb other passengers or that it is not appropriate.

During the Transfers passengers may not carry on them firearms, except for those who are bound to carry them due to their duties, in that sense, the passenger is bound to carry a special weapons permit granted for such purpose by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation or the Ministry of National Defense. The transportation company or its representative or driver/operator may demand or request such permit at any given time for those objects that due to their own nature disturb the rest of the passengers or that are not advisable to be transported by ground.

6. Privacy Guidelines

These terms and conditions represent the privacy policy on the use of the information included in the database of www.coratransfers.com and therefore the Contracting Party accepts that in the time of inserting its information in www.coratransfers.com it is doing so under oath and declares the following:

  1. The Contracting Party accepts that all the information added by them or in turn obtained through its access to www.coratransfers.com may be compiled and fixed in a database (hereinafter, Database), which in turn is owned by Cora Bros.
  2. The Contracting Party grants Cora Bros express authorization to publish , disclose and or transmit the information that it had inserted in the database in terms of the Article 109 of the Federal Law of Copyright.
  3. Cora Bros covenants and the Contracting Party accept that any information compiled in the Database shall be stored and protected to avoid loss, improper use or alteration without it being liable in any manner for the interception, reproduction or theft of the information contained in the Database by third parties for this reason.
  4. The Contracting Party accepts that through the insertion of its information www.coratransfers.com grants its express consent referred in Article 76 of the Federal Law of Consumer Protection in order for Cora Bros to be able to divulge and transmit the information inserted in the Database to other suppliers or relevant authorities requiring it for whatever their purpose is.
  5. The Contracting Party grants its express consent in order to receive information for marketing or publicity purposes from Cora Bros in terms of the Articles 16, 18 and 18 bis of the Federal Law for Consumer Protection.
  6. Cora Bros declares and the Contracting Party accepts that Cora Bros shall not be responsible for or exercises in any manner any kind of control over the links to different pages, portals, etc. of third parties external to Cora Bros that www.coratransfers.com may contain.

7. Tax and Government Fees

The price of the Ticket may include taxes and fees which are applied to ground transportation by government authorities. Such fees and taxes, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of he trip, are included in the fare or indicated separately in the area devoted to taxes in this Ticket. It may also be required to pay taxes and fees that have not been collected yet and or are not mentioned on the Ticket.

8. Generals

  • Any Transfer provided and realized by Cora Transfers will result in absolutely NO refund under any circumstance.
  • “No Shows” paid in deposit or full will NOT be refundable.
  • Cora Bros, its drivers and or operators shall not be held responsible for any items with commercial or sentimental value that might get lost or damaged during transfer and at the completion of it. Please make sure to keep such items with you at all times.
  • Any luggage left or forgotten in the airplane, inside the airport building, outside the terminal and or on its way from the terminal to the transportation vehicle shall not be responsibility of Cora Bros nor its operators.
  • Transfer services will not be refundable in cash, it may ONLY change date or schedule, and if rate has changed the customer will be made aware of this.
  • Refunds only paid in FULL shall be refundable only under an extreme weather condition from departure or arrival destination or any other circumstance also known as “Act of God” applied to meteorological terms only.
  • If the Passenger loses his flight under NO circumstance shall Cora Bros be held responsible for this.
  • In the event of payment with any credit card, there will be NO refund or cancellations accepted after the Transfer has already been provided.
  • Cora Bros reserves the right to refuse service and or admission.


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